Insurance Billing

If your insurance provider is one of ones listed above, we can most likely work with them. We also bill PIP and L&I claims. Some insurance companies do pay out of network providers, so it’s worth a call to them to see if they will pay for your treatments with us even if they are not listed above. As a courtesy we have included links on our Paperwork page to many different insurance plans' claim forms for out-of-network fee reimbursement. 

Even if your insurance carrier is listed above, be aware that not every plan has a massage benefit. If massage is covered it may be subject to meeting your yearly deductible. Call your insurance company prior to your first appointment so that you are fully informed about what is covered and what amount you will be responsible for. This can be easily obtained by calling the customer service number on the back of your insurance card. 

• At this time we are not accepting new clients with insurance plans that require Pre-authorization for massage unless the client already has acquired their own Pre-authorization.

•Medicare and Medicaid do not provide coverage for massage therapy.

Be sure to get a

To have massage therapy paid for by insurance it must be medically necessary to treat an injury or loss of function.  Massage therapists are not legally allowed to diagnose, therefore cannot legally determine whether massage for your condition is medically necessary. Doctors (including naturopaths and chiropractors) can provide you with a diagnosis and a prescription for massage.

Even if you can self-refer for massage on a PPO plan, we strongly advise that you get a prescription from a medical professional. 

Guidelines for your prescription

The following are mandatory details for all massage therapy prescriptions

Referring provider’s name
Diagnosis with corresponding ICD-10 code
Frequency and duration of the massage therapy

Please make certain the prescription is legible, otherwise it will be rejected by your insurance company