Massage &

Core Energetics

Find your Yes.


Yes to less pain.
Yes to faster recovery.
Yes to physical resilience.
Yes to feeling comfortable in your skin.

Massage Therapy

• Deep Tissue • Injury Treatment •
• Pregnancy Massage • Migraine Relief •
• Personal Injury Protection / Auto Injury (PIP) •
• Labor and Industries / Work Place Injury (LNI or L&I) • 


Yes to having all of your energy.
Yes to internal resilience.
Yes to more satisfying relationships.
Yes to your life.

Core Energetics

A somatic, body-based approach to psycho-emotional process work
that helps release the blocks to your energy and well-being.


Yes to being held with care.
Yes to getting the support you need.
Yes to being met where you’re at.
Yes to not having to go it alone.

Your Allies in Healing

A husband and wife team with decades of experience
helping people from all walks of life.