Want change?
Do you long for more joy, more aliveness?
Do you want deeper connections in your life?
How about an experience of more life-energy in general and the ability to act on your own best behalf?
Feeling all of your feelings rather than just a narrow channel?
And, what would it be like to occupy a body vibrantly aligned with a greater experience of life?

Core Energetics can help you get there.

A somatic, body-based approach to holistic wellness, Core Energetics is not another talk-therapy modality that gets people lost in their heads. Core Energetics work recognizes a whole person as a being with inextricably-interlaced physical, mental, emotional, and existential experiences that all conspire to guide one’s action in life. The word “core” is an acronym of the phrase “Center Of Right Energy”, and refers to the central, vital, essential authentic Self that expresses uniquely in all of us. Early pain and trauma distorted and blocked the pure expression of the Core, and the problem is, many of us have grown to believe that this limited experience of our life-energy is the way things have to be. Not so.

Regain what you’ve lost; discover what you’ve never known is available to you:
Your Life Energy.

“The real self is not the ego, it is the core. The human center is the universal life principle individuated in each of us, and it cannot die. It gives and receives generously. It welcomes the invitations of living, for through living its potential is fulfilled. The aim of Core Energetics, therefore, is to guide the fearful and isolated ego to its vital source, the core.”
John Pierrakos, M.D., Core Energetics: Developing the Capacity to Love and Heal

The Five Levels of Being

The Five Levels of Being

Core Energetics session work utilizes a dynamic approach to exploring, transforming, and removing personal emotional, mental, physical, and energetic blocks. Usually there is time for talking and time for physically moving related energies—often involving the use of evocative physical and vocal expression to help release the many ways we block ourselves from feeling and being. When deemed appropriate to the issue being worked, the practitioner may utilize supportive bodywork to further facilitate this process.

The overarching process of using Core Energetics to gain a deeper understanding of one’s self and a fuller experience of one’s life force is a journey that involves 4 main stages:

Penetrating the Mask:
the work of releasing the constraints of a constructed idealized-self whose counterfeit inner reality separates us from true connection.

Releasing the Lower Self:
the work of identifying all the ways we negate ourselves and unconsciously attach to our pain and the familiarity it provides.

Reaching for the Core:
the work of seeing that our old defenses no longer serve us and that our resistance to life and our experiences of pain come from within.

Centering in the Higher Self:
the work of allowing life to flow to and from us, unblocked and undistorted by our own doing.  

Though the stages are listed systematically, the work is non-linear and more spiralic in its nature. With each insight comes more choice; with every internalized block dismantled, more energy.

This is the work of finding freedom.