Kellie Newton, LMT

Kellie came to massage after experiencing the power of touch in her own personal growth process.  She attended the Brian Utting School of Massage in 1996 and found that she had a serious aptitude for deep, present work.  Over 20 years of experience has shaped her approach into that of a dynamic and fluid blend of different modalities appropriate to each individual with whom she works. 

Kellie has worked with people from all walks of life, and has spent decades interacting with people in their most vulnerable and undefended states. Extending the essence of healing to the collective, Kellie co-founded the Heart Perception Project with her childhood friend Heidi as a way to promote compassionate dialogue between people who struggle to bridge the divides between them. She keeps herself psychologically and emotionally flexible through the Core Energetics personal growth model, and is currently training to become a practitioner of the discipline at the Seattle School of Body-Psychotherapy


Jeff Blank, LMT

Solid, Joyful and Present are the three words Jeff uses when asked to describe what kind of massage he does. With over 30 years of hands-on experience in the massage realm--including both practice and teaching--he feels listing all the different techniques he practices misses the point. What he finds important to explore is: "Am I present with this person? Does my touch reassure them? Are they getting the desired results from our sessions together?"

Jeff loves to do deep tissue and injury treatment work. He often says, “I have big strong hands and I’m not afraid to use them!” He frequently treats clients who come to see him after receiving massage elsewhere, disappointed that they have not gotten what they wanted.