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Kellie is the best massage therapist I’ve had the good fortune to find. She is especially effective at deep tissue therapy and has become quite skilled on topical botanical extracts to ease inflammation and promote function.
— Dr. Joe Pizzorno Founding president, Bastyr University Co-author, Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine
As an active, retired person from the rehab sector of medicine, I’ve had my share of joint replacements and soft tissue injuries. In the process of healing my body, I have included SunSpace Massage Studio as a primary team member, along with physical therapists, physicians another heath care professionals. Kellie and Jeff are able to use their knowledge to promote healing for a variety of injuries and conditions, using their vast, eclectic knowledge of massage therapy and both traditional and eastern healing approaches.My husband has worked with Jeff for a variety of conditions, and I have been seeing Kellie for over 5 years, to help me with recovering from several post-surgical conditions and re-alignment of my body mechanics. My pain is gone, my scar tissue is reduced and my body mechanics are improving every day. I highly recommend SunSpace Massage Studio.
— Karen M., retired occupational therapist
Kellie and Jeff have been my massage therapists for close to twenty years. I have had multiple massage therapists before them, so, I have a strong base of comparison. They are both extremely talented, and skillful professionals. I have had many migraine/tension headaches averted as a result of having a massage at SunSpace, as well as several sports injuries treated. Jeff and Kellie are especially deft at discovering the cause of a tightness and treating a problem area in a way that feels good and is therapeutic. In addition, they are both bright, informed, psychologically savvy, fun, and funny people who have great interpersonal skills. They listen, hear, respond, and treat. Ohh.... I have to add that they both have heart warming, beautiful smiles! I feel extremely fortunate to have benefited from Kellie’s and Jeff’s expertise for so many years. May there be many more to come....
— Piyale C Neuropsychologist, Psychoanalyst
I started seeing Kellie several years ago for a major martial arts injury. She was instrumental in my recovery – both in the reduction of pain as well as the speed at which I healed. She’s incredibly knowledgeable about connections between various musculoskeletal structures. I also really appreciate how she takes into consideration the functionality that was most important to me and helped prioritize what I cared about most on the road to recovery. I now see her for regular tune-ups. My body is better aligned than it’s been in over a decade and she has been a large part of that.
— G.W., educational association president
A miracle has occurred. I have found a massage therapist who can work with my back/neck/headache problems. I have a copious amount of hardware in my back that has, over the years, limited my mobility in ways I didn’t even realize. What I did realize is that I was in increasing pain, both lower back and head/neck/shoulders. What Jeff has done for me in just 2 sessions is already amazing. I look forward to many more sessions. Thank you SunSpace!
— Sally T.
Kellie has been perhaps the most skillful, patient, funny and personable of all the massage therapists I have ever worked with (in my 30+ years of hard rock climbing, trail running, big mountain skiing and cycling). I’ve not been easy on my aching bones... but Kellie has kept me in the game! Bravo!
— Ed M., psychotherapist and rock climber