Medical Massage 

Billed to Insurance

60 minutes = $ 145*    
($36.75 per 15-minute unit, CPT codes 97140 and 97124)

Medical Massage is intended to treat a specific illness, injury or diagnosis. Medical Massage treatment is provided only for the prescribed area(s) and condition(s) diagnosed by your licensed physician, naturopath or chiropractor. Medical Massage is useful for addressing:

•Piriformis syndrome
•Rotator cuff injuries
•Pain associated with bulged or injured spinal disks
•Pain associated with pregnancy
•Range of motion issues
•Back and neck pain
•Plantar fasciitis
•Repetitive use injuries and tendinitis (eg, Carpal Tunnel syndrome)
•TMJ (most insurance companies will not cover TMJ treatment)
•Pain associated with restricted fascia
•Pain associated with postural imbalances
•Sports, work, auto and other traumatic injuries
•Edema (swelling)
•Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

Wellness Massage

Cash/Check and Credit Card**

60 minutes = $95    (The fee for cash payments is discounted. You save because our overhead for processing cash payments is lower.)

Not intended to treat a specific injury, but rather nurture the entire person. 
Please note that most insurance companies do not cover Wellness Massage. 

Wellness Massage is useful for:

•Alleviating stress and anxiety by reducing stress hormones
•Improving circulation
•Recharging the body’s vitality
•Speeding up the recovery process within an exercise program
•Enhancing attentiveness
•Alleviating depressive symptoms
•Reducing pain
•Improving immune function

Frequent Flier
Discount for Massage

We reward you and your household members for coming more frequently!  The first two Wellness massages of the month are charged at the rate of $95. All other massages for people who live in your household will be billed at $85 for the remainder of the month.

Core Energetics

cash/check and credit card**

50 minutes = $70

We are currently offering Core Energetics sessions at a deeply discounted rate through December 2019. Click the button below to schedule your complimentary 20 minute consultation to see if Core Energetics is the right fit for you.

*SunSpace Massage Studio bases its Medical Massage rates on the Usual, Customary and Reasonable (UCR) fee schedule for the Seattle area and uses standard HCFA forms using Relative Value Unit (RVU) pricing.

If you request massage unrelated to your prescription (not covered by your insurance), you will be responsible for payment of those massage services. 

**Credit Card Payments
A transaction fee of 2.75% is added for credit cards.